Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Todd Rundgren - Time Heals

Mark Chapman was a huge Todd Rundgren fan and he cared little for the Beatles. Todd saw Lennon during his infamous 'Lost Weekend' phase (which seemed to involve little more than getting wasted and fucking Yoko lookalikes) acting the goat and being an obnoxious rock star cliche. Todd's response to witnessing one of his all-time heroes dethrone himself so spectacularly in public was to write a song about the incident called Rock and Roll Pussy. Lennon took umbrage at Rundgren's judgement, set to an unrelenting funk rock beat, and in an open letter picked up by a weekly rag he suggested Rundgren should focus his attention on shifting a few more units, and worry less about Lennon's social habits. The letter irked Chapman, a devout Todd follower, and effectively prompted him to take Lennon out. Obviously Chapman was already walking something of a mental tightrope anyway. The guy was out there, let's face it.

What could Todd do? Very little, but he did write this song as a message to Yoko, telling her that the passing of time would mend the scars and damage of that awful incident outside the Dakota.

This is one of my all-time favourites. Watch the video, Todd's twinkle-toe shuffles are to die for, and when he sings "time", he points at the Dali-esque melted clock - wherever it may be.

Todd, I love you.
Time Heals by Todd Rundgren at Spotify
Time Heals by Todd Rundgren on YouTube

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