Friday, 7 August 2009

The Folk Implosion - Natural One

I went to see a movie last night called Beautiful Losers with my closest friend, Reba Jive. I won't bore you with the back story, you either know it or you don't, but I will furnish you with a few casual observations I made during the film:

1. Although it encapsulated every aspect of fringe, street, teen and outsider culture that made the early 90s such a unique and pleasurable time to be alive (the "swinging" 60s included - fuck the Beatles up their scrawny, pot smoking, bandwagon jumping arsepipes), the Alleged Gallery movement is one of the most self-conglaturatory in the history of art.

2. The Alleged Gallery movement had burned out by 1995, everything that followed was either parody or self-indulgent bullshit.

3. Despite trying desperately hard to distance themselves from normal people leading normal lives, the career trajectories of most of the Alleged Gallery artists mirror that of a typical hedge fund manager or middle-tier executive. It starts with living on the breadline (business school/art school), next comes some kind of recognition (promotion within the company/international exhibitions and commissions) and ends with middle-class comfort (hard work leading to such rewards as a suburban idyll and house in the Hamptons/selling out to an international corporate leading to such rewards as a suburban idyll and house in the Hamptons).

4. The Alleged Gallery artists have deluded themselves into believing today's 14 year olds give a fuck about their work.

Having said all that, Harmony Korine is a funny guy, and today's tune was of course included on the soundtrack to a great movie that he authored: Kids. Rosario Dawson looks amazing in this flick. If only she had taken Chloe Sevigny's spot in The Brown Bunny.

Natural One by the Folk Implosion at Last FM

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