Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Lewis Taylor - Track

"This wicked streak, I have in me, that I never wanted you to see. In my heart, I hope and pray, I'm not this way, but I am"

I didn't know how to deal with Lewis Taylor initially either. Lucky was slinky, Bittersweet a breeze and Whoever glacial in its passive contempt, but it wasn't until I heard Track and Lewis III that the penny truly dropped.

Making the connection with Taylor's music was one of the most challenging and fruitful musical tasks of my life. There are occasions when you don't understand an artist on first exposure, but you know there's something magical there, something that will infuse your life for its entire span. You just have to dig in.

Taylor's music has consistently dictated the ebb and flow of my life since 1996, and the fact he retired from the music industry in 2006, bitter and demonized by a lack of recognition and chiding his own fans for buying records he made purely to pay the bills, only makes it sweeter. You'll find precious little evidence of Taylor's existence online, such is his devotion to burying himself.

"Love's died of a broken heart, friends say I should get over this, I don't want to"

People talk about fucks like Syd Barrett, Viv Stanshall, Moondog and Terry Reid, but Lewis Taylor is the real lost genius, no question. Why? Because he had a work ethic and he turned things out.

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