Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jack Bruce - Into the Storm

There's a little known shop in Camden called Episode from where Reba Jive and I bought matching vintage biker boots this weekend. Our mutual friend Kasey Farr was most impressed, saying that we looked like Mr and Mrs Cindy Blackman. At least now I can justify wearing bootcut jeans, a concept I've been murderously damning of in the past. Having vociferously maintained bootcuts are the sole property of dumpy Irish women, I stand corrected. My heartfelt apologies to one and all.

With biker boots comes an unwritten and inherent commitment to rock's embryonic power trios, as any major dude will tell you. Forget Hendrix, forget Cream even, Beck/Bogert/Appice rule the roost in this particular discipline.

Jack Bruce produced his best work outside of Cream. Songs for a Tailor and Harmony Row are masterwerks of biblical proportions. Out of the Storm is a little more uneven, but this track is positively symphonic.

Listen out for the "it's the young man who still lives at home" line.

Into the Storm by Jack Bruce at Spotify

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